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Xai Xai Eco Estate in Xai Xai, Gaza, Mozambique







Xai-Xai is a bustling town with markets, shops, restaurants, bars, petrol stations, banks, and a post office.  A few blocks from the central market, there is an open-air furniture factory, located underneath several cashew trees.  


The beach of Praia do Xai-Xai, approximately 12 km from Xai-Xai, has been a popular tourist attraction since Mozambican tourism, originally under Portuguese administration, was first developed before 1975.  A coral reef running parallel to the shore offers good snorkelling and protects the beach from strong waves.  In addition, the Wenela Tidal Pool, 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of the town, includes a natural tunnel and blow hole that links the pool to the ocean beyond.  Many carefree beach days are guaranteed on this picture perfect location and young children especially, enjoy the shallow rock pools which teem with small fish, crabs and other sea life. 


Another landmark on the Praia is the old Haley's Hotel, which got it's name because it was the best place to view the comet Haley from and accommodated people from all over the world who came to see the comet. 


The Xai Xai beaches and the old broken down buildings and deserted hotels provide some interesting footage for holiday snaps and is ideal for the more serious photographer. 


Xai-Xai, formerly João Belo, developed in the early 1900's, under Portuguese rule, is home to an interesting mix of Portuguese, Shangaan, Afrikaans and English people who have opted to make Mozambique their home.  The friendly curio sellers are known for adopting Afrikaans and English names they like, one such character is "Jan maak 'n plan", who can get you anything you need at the right price.   



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